Be safer

BevChain leads the way in our commitment to safety, health, environment and quality. We pride ourselves on our health and safety programs, our exemplary safety record and our commitment to the environment.

At BevChain, we think outside the box to develop tailored solutions to complex problems. Our approach to safety and is no different.

In our ongoing commitment to be safer, our Vision Zero safety strategy promotes safe behaviour in every aspect of our operations.

Over the years, we have built a culture of safe behavior and legal compliance throughout the company, leading to our strong record of safety performance.

We are also focused on continually improving our systems and processes to reduce our carbon footprint and promote an environmentally conscious workplace.

Our learning management system has recently been upgraded, with new features to our in-house training and assessment system to help us work smarter.

Our new human resources information system enables us to electronically manage workflow throughout our team members’ entire lifecycle with the company.

Through our dedicated Vision Zero safety strategy, we are on a journey to achieve:

  • ZERO fatalities

  • ZERO injuries

  • ZERO motor vehicle incidents

  • ZERO net environmental emissions

  • ZERO tolerance of unsafe behaviour and practices.


Linfox Health and Safety Policy

BevChain is committed to meeting the expectations of our people, customers, and stakeholders while minimising our impact on the environment.

In partnership with Linfox, we strive to act sustainably with the goal to achieve zero net emissions through our GreenFox program using energy efficiency, eco-behaviours and waste reduction.

We work with our customers to drive joint sustainability projects, adopt greener vehicles and alternative energy sources, and improve energy efficiency across our networks and operations.



  • Fuel efficient fleet purchases: Euro VI technology now standard for new purchases.

  • Our parent company Linfox is a member of the Australian Logistics Council’s Electric Vehicles Working Group and the Electric Vehicle Council.

  • Testing of electric vehicles at AARC in partnership with Woolworths.


  • LED and energy efficient lighting solutions.

  • Investigation into lighting upgrade projects of existing buildings where feasible.

  • Forklift charging technology.


  • Intermodal rail and coastal network capability.

  • Systems optimisation such as Smart Fox, FoxTrax, and other new technology.


  • Investigation into installation of solar energy equipment into existing buildings where feasible.


  • Partnership with customers.

  • Employee training, including ‘Eco Drive’ skills for drivers.


  • Ongoing focus on waste management following the ‘Reduce, Reuse. Recycle’ principles.